These Rules and Regulations apply to a certain Rental Agreement by and between Owner and Occupant. The Rules and Regulations of the Facility have been provided to the Occupant and are incorporated herein by reference. Owner may change the Rules and Regulations at Owner’s sole discretion with thirty (30) days notice and posting the changes on Owner’s website, without regard for the term of this Agreement, so long as the revised Rules and Regulations apply to all Occupants and are made for the appropriate and efficient operations of the Facility. Occupant’s payment of monthly Rent for the next following period constitutes acceptance of these changes.

  1. Upon vacating the Storage Space, Occupant will sweep unit floors and walls, remove his/her lock and notify the Call Center at 888-623-2222 that Occupant has fully and finally vacated the Storage Space.
  2. To enter gate, you must have your combination to unlock the lock. Only one vehicle may enter the gate at a time.
  3. Occupant may only use a single (1) padlock on his/her Storage Space. Round disc-shaped locks are recommended but not required.
  4. All Occupants must close and lock gate when leaving the Facility.
  5. No garage sales may be held at the Facility.
  6. Remove all trash and unwanted items in your Storage Space. Occupant is responsible for the disposal of all items. No dumpsters are provided at the Facility.
  7. When past due accounts are paid in full, Owner will remove overlocks to restore access within 2 business days of funds clearing to Owner’s account. However in rare instances it may take longer. Please plan accordingly.
  8. Although Owner provides snow removal for the main drives, it is Occupant’s responsibility to remove snow against their Storage Space door so ice does not build up against door.
  9. Only the Occupant and a maximum of 4 guests may enter the Facility. Guests must be accompanied by the Occupant at all times.
  10. Speed limit at the Facility is 5 mph. Please use extra caution when backing and turning corners.
  11. For the safety of all, no play or horseplay is permitted at the Facility. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  12. No animals, except for service and companion animals, are permitted on the Facility. Pets must remain in Occupant’s vehicle at all times.
  13. No smoking at any time in the Storage Space or at the Facility.
  14. No storage of food in the Storage Space.
  15. No open flame of any type, such as; camping equipment, cutting torches, kerosene lamps, candles, etc. are allowed in the Storage Space.
  16. No work may be performed on any motor vehicle at the Facility, including no changing of oil, antifreeze or other fluids of such vehicles.
  17. No outside waste may be brought in for disposal.
  18. Owner must approve all lock cuts.
  19. No semi-trucks on the Facility without the written permission of Owner in the form of a Semi-Truck Addendum.
  20. No loitering at the Facility.