• Use pallets, 2 x 4’s, plywood, anything that will keep your items off the floor of the unit.
  • To protect your items, cover them with moving pads, sheets, or light blankets. Leave and small space for ventilation between your items and the wall.
  • Label your boxes on all sides and keep a list for easy reference. This will save you time if you have to look for a particular item.
  • When packing boxes, fill them without making them too heavy to lift. Always put the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top of the heavy ones. This will prevent boxes from being crushed. Keep boxes off the floor.
  • Be sure to store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them.
  • Keep more valuable items in the rear of the unit. This will prevent others from seeing them when you are in your unit, and may lessen the chance of theft in case the unit was ever burglarized.
  • Rubbermaid containers are great to store your items. They have tight fitting lids and stack easily.
  • Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry before storing them. Leave appliances slightly ajar to prevent mildew.
  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Wrap for protection and elevate off the floor.
  • Be sure to check your unit once a month.
  • Always use a high quality lock, such as a disc lock.
  • If the facility is gated, be sure to close and lock it when you leave.
  • Purchase insurance for your belongings. Check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see what may be covered under those policies. Pull out any valuable items and take pictures in case you would ever need to file a report to your insurance company.


  • Do not store unprotected items right next to the door/rails. Most doors are not completely water tight and rain/snow may blow in around the edges.
  • Do not store appliances in colder months if you are not absolutely sure that they are thoroughly drained. Freezing can cause pumps to break.
  • Do not store any food items. This will help to prevent unwanted guests. Do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.
  • Do not store anything irreplaceable.
  • Do not pack your boxes so that they are too heavy to carry. Especially when you are packing books.
  • Do not give out your gate code or unit number to anyone who is not listed as having access to your unit.

Disclaimer: This information is provided to help you with your packing, moving, and storage needs. No warranty of any kind, express or implied, is offered. The entire risk as to the performance and results of these tips is assumed by the user.